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The optimized and standardized service model and process lay a good foundation for deep cooperation

nba intelligent service process and model diagram

Flexible and diverse service models, there is always one for you:

A. Annual fee method/design management

According to the customer's annual routine design project estimate of work tasks, based on this, sign the annual contract, communicate with the customer at the beginning of each month to connect the design tasks and objectives of the month, and conduct monthly settlement or bi-monthly settlement service fees。

B. Project packaging/overall settlement

Packaging design and settlement are carried out according to the workload of updated design tasks such as product listing nodes and enterprise stage objectives, such as VI design, packaging design, promotional material design, terminal store and specialty store design, media advertising design, etc。

C, single design/single settlement

For a specific or single design needs commissioned, such as logo design, album design, poster design, print design, etc., for a single business settlement, suitable for the temporary planning and design tasks of enterprises。

nba Game app【全球十大外围足球平台】
Because of the focus so professional, we based on the industry, with excellent skills and the high trust of cooperation customers, we just want to focus on and time to serve customers with sincerity and development prospects。In order to save each other's precious time, we do not participate in the draft, do not bargain, do not do useless work, please spend more time to read and browse our work cases, fully understand us, and then contact us further, thank you!

1. Design mode:

Planning as the leading, the effective integration of planning and visual design, different from some design companies will be completely separated from the planning and visual design, only design for design, such design will inevitably lead to design and market two layers of skin, planning, design and promotion costs in the market。We believe that such a company is definitely not the partner you really want to choose。

2. Cost mode:

Will be based on the actual situation of the design project and fully consider the customer's current situation,Conduct the establishment of costs,The nba Game app has a clear price for all items,Never lie to customers;Compare with the professional services provided by nba Game app,Our fees are in the mid-range of the industry,However, we do not engage in pointless low-price competition to win business at low prices。

3. Process mode:

Once the partnership is established, we will form a task force to provide tailored services to you one on one。At the same time, we believe in the principle of only excellent products, and will provide at least three best solutions for customers to choose, in order to achieve the best customer satisfaction。In addition, we maintain close contact with the customer throughout the project to ensure the timely and effective implementation of the project。

Kindly note:

If you fall into one of the following categories, we are sorry, we will not be able to form a partnership with you:

1) Blindly fight the price, who the price is low to find who。Good design needs time, manpower and intelligence to support。 Prices are not set casually, All prices are based on the company's design values,请尽量尊重原创的价值; 2)只想找几家公司比稿或提案,Then choose the partner company,甚至最后不了了之的; 3)预算不充足,There is no certain cooperative budget;4) Not confident in their own products,缺乏一定品质; 5)质疑合作机构的专业化,Tendency to distrust;5) Producing fake and shoddy products,Counterfeiting other products and brands,Defraud consumers,Make huge profits from it。

nba Game app【全球十大外围足球平台】

As a professional planning and design service agency positioned in brand integration design,nba game appAdhere to the combination of international vision and localization operation, there are many successful brand planning and design precedents;To identify, build and present an intelligent and engaging (and original) visual identity for the brand;"Both suitable for the actual situation of the enterprise and in line with the development of The Times" is our executive game appNever use some far-fetched visual associations or word associations, insist on creating good and popular visual images, refuse to look useless, unable to execute "castles in the air"。

nba app intelligent service framework and standard map

Develop a service framework

Create service standards

For the market needs of the brand at all stages,nba game appPlan and integrate the brand design project, and draw up the "nba app" with the strategy of the corresponding stage as the starting point, to provide customers with the most suitable and effective program, so that customers can spend every money on the edge of the knife and refuse to pretend。

nba Game app intelligence to create boutique services

Standardized service process

Take the road of fine design

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the service,nba game appThe project team system is adopted, that is, the project team is the unit, according to the project and customer needs, tailor-made system, personalized, close-fitting embedded service for customers, the whole process of implementation and management and monitoring of the project progress, and economically and efficiently help customers build brands。

Grow with your customers

Mutual achievement

Grow with customers

We believe that every cooperation is an opportunity for mutual achievement with customers, so that excellence becomes a habit。In the process of cooperation with customers, achieve the brand dream;In the improvement of customer business performance and brand equity, to prove their own value, we are convinced that: customer success, is our greatest success。

If you have a brand planning design or other aspects of the business need services and consultation, please through the following waysnba game app
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